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This is the video that is changing people’s lives. Hear Kevin McNamara’s story like it has never been told before.

Flo expert and media mogul Tone Floreal flew all the way from Hawaii via California to interview Kevin in his home in Queensland, Australia.

What they produced was a snap shot of Kevin’s life. In one hour you will be moved, shocked, fascinated and inspired!

Watch the video now and see why it is changing lives.

Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamaraFounder of Smiling Body Smiling Mind
Kevin’s Mission is very clear: To INSPIRE and EMPOWER others to build HEALTHIER LIVES lives FREE of DISEASE and OBESITY.

He was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in 2012 and was able to cure himself by eating whole foods, juicing, fasting, exercise, meditation, fresh air, sunshine and loving relationships.

Juicing, fasting, plant based eating, exercise and meditation are all core elements of Kevin’s mentoring, online programs and courses and the upcoming membership program.

The benefits of a plant based diet and juicing include weight loss, much lower risk of illness and disease, more energy for exercise and family, mental well being and clarity of mind.

Teeth Whitening 4 You


Kevin is a fully certified Life Coach and Mentor. If you need help with a

  • Juice Fast
  • Healthy Eating Regime
  • Motivation
  • Or just need a Mentor to help you along

contact Kevin for a free one on one consultation. Email –

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