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Kevin McNamara healed prostate cancer by taking on a whole foods and fasting protocol. He is now healthier than he has ever been.

As the name of the website says, Kevin really does have a Smiling Body, Smiling Mind!

Are you suffering from health issues, struggling with weight and just not moving forward as you would like?

This is a site full of ideas, tips and advice on how you can improve your body and your mind. Healthy recipes, herbs that heal (his favourite Turmeric!) Juices and fasting tips, how to stop procrastinating, morning routines and exercise are just some of the topics Kevin covers in his blog.

Become part of the tribe and let Kevin help you become a healthy and inspired Warrior!

Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamaraFounder of Smiling Body Smiling Mind
Kevin is a life and Wellness coach and mentor. For further details on his coaching click on his picture above.
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